Backpacking the Mount Whitney Trail
Backpacking the Mount Whitney Trail

Thinking of backpacking the Mount Whitney trail?

If you’re looking for tips for planning, and hiking or backpacking the Mount Whitney trail, and a general sense of what to expect on your trek, you’ve come to the right place. Below, are a few articles with tips, details, and helpful information on backpacking the Mount Whitney trail that I hope will help make your trip a success. Happy hiking!

Information on Backpacking the Mount Whitney Trail

Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain peak in the lower 48 states with an elevation of 14,505 feet at the summit. She stands gloriously in the Sierra Nevada mountain range just West of the small town of Lone Pine, California. With its increasing popularity over the last few years, there is now a lottery for hiking or backpacking Mount Whitney via the Portal route, which goes from the Whitney Portal to the summit and back down.

But…if you don’t make the lottery, there are alternative routes you can backpack that will still get you to the summit of Mount Whitney!

Following, you’ll find information to help guide you along your way. From planning your Mount Whitney backpacking trip, to getting there, and what to expect on to the actual trek. Whether you decide to do it as a day hike, or backpack, you’ll be well prepared to make a successful summit to the top!