MSC Divina: Cruising the Caribbean – Day 2 at Sea

We woke up on day 2 to the sound of the ocean outside, and it was glorious – obviously we left the patio door open overnight. Today, we would be spending the day at sea – alllll day long. We decided to be productive and start with the gym.

Apparently, this was not an original idea. I think we probably got there around 8am, and what a mistake that was. I fully expected that people wouldn’t want to work out on their vacation, and I was incredibly wrong. The gym was PACKED! It was a relatively nice (enough) gym – plenty of treadmills, lots of weight machines, and some free weights. But, it was still a small enough space that with that many people…it was cramped. Super cramped.

Abs and stretching, looking out over the sea

We made the best of it, and vowed to come either before or after the morning rush next time. On our way back to the room, we stopped at the Yacht Club Lounge (indoors), the Top Sail Lounge, for some delicious Italian cafe and little breakfast treats and yogurt. Why I didn’t take photos, I don’t know – lots of great meats and cheeses…I’m always down for some prosciutto and cheese! The Top Sail Lounge has a beautiful front ship view of the ocean, and great booths to sit in. It would later turn out to be one of our favorite places to hang out.

We went back to our rooms to shower off and change, and then decided to look for my grandparents. We didn’t find them in their room, so we went up to the Yacht Club pool area to look for them – success! It was a bit chilly, but still rather nice out – sunny with mixed clouds. It was, after all, February, and we weren’t south enough yet for the really warm weather.

Clearly too sunny for me to look – this is the private Yacht Club deck

The pool area has food throughout the day from Le Muse, but a smaller offering than their full sit-down menu, and it’s buffet style. We had some eggs and bread…and a bloody mary, of course. If drinks are included, drink we shall! We then went to explore the ship in the daytime.

We worked our way down to the main pool area and oh my GOSH it was PACKED! Literally, people sardined together one chair next to the other. For some, I’m sure this is fine, but I’m an introvert who really likes my personal space. It actually gives me anxiety when there are multiple empty parking spots next to me and someone chooses to park right next to me. It looked as though people had gotten down to the pool early to save their chairs, even though the signs say no reserving chairs. This, and this alone, was enough to make us feel like our money was well spent with the Yacht Club.

Crazy to be surrounded by nothing…

Toward the back of the ship was the Yacht Club restaurant, Le Muse, surrounded by a beautiful pool area (which was also packed). There was a “running track” that went around here, but I couldn’t imagine trying to make my way through the crowds of oblivious people trying to go for a morning run.

We wandered through area after area on the ship – somehow managed to get lost in the teen club, but made our way our by the big slide (which we said we were going to try out so many times and never did!). Walked through the interior of the ship where all the shops and restaurants were. These areas were not included in the Yacht Club experience, sadly. It would have been nice to not have to worry (especially for the price we paid) about paying anything additional, or having to go back up to the Yacht Club every time we wanted something to eat or drink. We were supposed to originally have drink tickets, but our booking agent never told us when he changed our reservation (to the more expensive one, mind you) that drink tickets were no longer part of the deal. Anyway, I digress.

Eventually we made it back to our room for nap time. Ransom is a great napper, I am not quite as good at it, so I opted to sit out on the patio with a book in the sun.

Sun, cocktail, book = perfect afternoon

After a relaxing afternoon, we showered and got ready for dinner. One thing we were very surprised about when we got to our room that there were no irons available. They had these formal nights, but how were we supposed to wear any of our clothing after it had been smushed into our suitcase?? We ended up having to pay for their laundry service, but just went for the ironing, no washing. I recognize that they’re afraid of fires, but at least have a common space that’s safe for people to iron their clothing! Luckily, our butler staff were able to get our clothing back to us in time for dinner (normally, it’s a longer turn time, so plan ahead!).

Sunset from our patio while we got ready for dinner – what I wouldn’t give to be back here right now…

Dinner, of course, was fantastic. Started with sparkling wine, sparkling water, and red wine. And of course a plate full of bread. And then we went course after course of delicious meals. Note – if you don’t like seafood, make plans with the staff ahead. There are non-seafood meals, but there sure is a lot of seafood on their menu. And it’s delicious!! The menu has some items – like caesar salad, and salmon – that are the same every night (same with some desserts), but then they change up the rest of the menu. We finished off by stuffing our faces with dessert and more limoncello, and went off to explore the nightlife inside the ship.

My grandparents – they keep shrinking!

We enjoyed a night of live music and their cigar bar, and made it to bed around 10pm…cause we’re old. We fell asleep to the sound of the ocean once again, and would be pulling into Jamaica in the morning. I’ve never really wanted to go to Jamaica of all places, but it was a stop on our cruise so we’d make the best of it!

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