Where to Travel Next: Inspiration for your Travel Bucket List
Where to Travel Next: Inspiration for your Travel Bucket List

Where to Travel Next?

Looking for where to travel next so that you can start marking them off your travel bucket list? I’ve got some great recommendations for you!

In January 2013, I made a travel bucket list based on research I did of the best places to travel. I realized I was always talking about all these places I wanted to go in the world, but I was all talk and no action. Most of my travels had been within the continental United States, mostly because it was cheap and/or I knew people to stay with so I was able to see a lot without spending a ton of money (since I really didn’t have much to my name). But, I was getting to a place where I had more disposable income, and I decided it was time to start acting.

Since then, I’ve made it to 6 places on my travel bucket list, and updated my list to remove some, and add others for where to travel next. Click the links below for more information about where to travel next based on places I’ve made it to so far. Hopefully, I’ll make it to the rest very soon!

Remember, always travel safely and do research prior to your trip for any important info!

My Travel Bucket List:

  1. Southern Italy – spectacular food, spectacular wine, beautiful landscape!
  2. Alaska – incredible views everywhere you look! But, watch out for the mosquitos…
  3. New Zealand – backpacking, kayaking, wine tasting – New Zealand pretty much has it all.
  4. Bali – white water rafting, biking, culture, surfing – an awesome vacation on the cheap!
  5. Nepal / Everest Base Camp Trek – something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.
  6. Iceland – magical, and simply unbelievable. Far surpassed my expectations!
  7. Scotland/Ireland
  8. Patagonia, Chile
  9. Northern Italy/Switzerland
  10. Peru
  11. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark
  12. Thailand
  13. Portugal and Spain
  14. Greece


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